B.T Pavers Inc


B.T Pavers Inc. has been doing hardscaping for more than 15 years. Specializing in pavers and retaining walls, we provide the best quality on installing walkways, patios, driveways, pools, retaining walls, etc. We work with EP Henry materials. One of the advantages of using EP Henry materials is that they are guaranteed for life. You will never have to worry about your walkway, patio, pool or driveway. B.T Pavers also guarantees their work for 5 years against such things as bricks cracking, moving or just not looking right. Call us and we will fix it right away no charge no problem. Not only that, but our service extends to cover the resurfacing of our paved areas in the case of ground maintance underneath the surface (such as pipes or wires needing installation or replacement) at no charge. We believe in doing the best job possible to make our costumers happy. Also, to better service our costumers, we do most of our estivating by not using heavy machine so you never have to worry about your lawn being trampled or torn apart. B.T Paver also does low voltage wiring for outdoor lights. So when you decide to do hardscaping around your house don't throw your money away. We will provide you with many different addresses of work that we have done.